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IR touch Screen inquiry

PQ / DeFi IR/Infrared multi touch screen frame/bezel/panel

Operating System: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP v.4.1504 ,Mac OSX v.4.1503, Ubuntu / Fedora v.4.1503, Android system need to choose our customized version.

4K Touch Fidelity Breakthrough

Raising the bar of the Ultimate Touch Experience

  • Designed for 4K displays.
  • Smooth & high-precision multi-touch control.
  • Beautiful sketch & handwriting.

250 FPS, Lightning Speed

Higher FPS, Smoother Curve

Touch screens with a higher refresh rate provides a faster response to your movements. Furthermore, it detects even the slightest actions, offering more accurate data positioning with very little latency giving the G5 Touch Screens the capability to draw very smooth & accurate curves.

HID Support

No need to install driver

  • up to 10 points without driver, up to 50+ points with driver
  • Size range from 32" to 84"

USB Powered

  • Energy Efficient without sacrificing performance
  • Size range from 32" to 84"

Outdoor Full-Angle Anti-Sunlight

180 Degree
All day, Strongest sunlight (150,000 lux ≈ 13,900 foot-candle)

Sunrise - Noon - Sunset


360 Degree
Display facing any orientations:
East, West, North, South, etc.

advancing large format touch screen accuracy to a new level. With the development of the 4K technology, it's now able to handle more precise applications like never before. Say goodbye to thick capacitive touch pen and using your familiar pen or pencil again.

Typical Applications:

1.Video confrerence system

2.Command center

3.Mall kiosks

4.Public venue directory

5.Interactive advertising

6.Hotel entertainment center

7.Weather forecast

Main Features:

1.Easy Integration
2.No Ghost Point
3.Infrared Multi Touch Overlay
4.Single USB Cable
5.Warranty:2 years parts and labor

Exclusive Guarantee:

  • Single USB Connection: no additional power supply needed
  • Guaranteed Lead Time: 48 hours after order confirmation
  • Online Diagnose Tool: technical support within 24 hours worldwide
  • Mutual Partnership: global network for joint business growth





















Q1-The touch frame need calibration or is pulg in and play?
A: Defi IR touch frame need calibration.

Q: 2-Is compatible with android 4.0 or more?
A: DEFI IR touch frame driver support windows 7/8, MAC, Linux and Android 4.0 or more OS etc. We send driver for windows 7/8, MAC OS default, if you want driver for Linux and Android 4.0 or more OS, please leave us message after your order.

Q:3-How many touch points accept?
A: DeFi supply 2/4/6/10/16/32 etc touch points.

Q: 4-The doble side adhesive tape is security for big size? What do you think of use bands? You can put bands in the touch frame?
A: We use 3M doble side adhesive tape, it's no problem.

Q:5-Can you offer oem size?
A: Yes, Defi company can offer OEM size.

Q: 6-Do you can send the touch frame with glass?
A: DEFI Company don't send touch frame with glass because it's not safe for shipping by plane and the shipping cost is very high, we recommend clients choose 4mm to 5mm thickness glass local.

Q: 7-What do you think of the idea of replace the glass with solid polycarbonate sheet? this material is transparent, more resistance than glass and more light than glass, Do you recomend this material for touch frame?
A: For small size you can use other material such as acrylic, but for large size use other material for a long time it will be change to uneven surface , we normally recomend tempered glass.

Q: 8-In your wab page said that touch frame have two kind of multo touch software, what are the two kind of touch software, what are the diferecence between?
A: DEFI company supply 2 kinds sample multi touch software for our multi touch frame for you test our frame work local, of course you can change some image or video to show your content.

Q:9- I want one touch frame for test, What is the price of the 18.5'' touch frame with 2 touch points? this touch frame come with glass o without glass? This touch frame have the same technology and the interior of the touch frame is the same of the big size of 32 to 100" ?
A: If you want to test, I recommend 32" to 100' because the small size technology and the interior of the touch frame are not the same. we are good at large size.

Q: 10- One problem of the touch frame is the instalation, many companies use FPC cable but you use a usb conection, this is very good. All size have usb connection?

A: Yes, and we have installation video for 32" or bigger size on our official website. They are easy to install.
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